Bringing Together Art Organizations, Audiences, and Local Leaders

We are a community who believe that art is to be shared. We’ve joined forces to preserve and expand our organizations’ arts and cultural offerings through advocacy, integrated promotion, and a free-flowing exchange of ideas, knowledge, and resources.

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The COVID-19 Pandemic has been a time of uncertainty, but also a time to embrace new ways of working. As Newburyport-area arts and cultural organizations innovated to reach audiences in new, safe, remote ways, questions of relevance and financial viability were important to address. There was a serious risk that many of our beloved arts organizations would not be able to fully recover, and so our community stood to lose the many benefits that come from arts engagement. It was urgent that we reach out to each other to use our collective strength to not only rebuild, but to rebuild in such a way that our organizations become stronger than ever.


The mission of the Newburyport Arts Collective is to advocate for, engage, and elevate the non-profit arts, culture organizations and individual artists in the greater Newburyport area.


The vision of the Newburyport Arts Collective is to enrich our community through rich engagement with the arts, foster a culture of inclusiveness so everyone feels welcome, nurture collaboration among members, and to dramatically expand the visibility and reach of each organization so that greater Newburyport enhances its position in the region as a significant center for arts and culture


We expect that this collaboration will have a major financial impact on each organization and the region by securing city and state support for local arts through advocacy, by increasing the audience size for each organization through more robust promotion and shared resources, and by continually building Greater Newburyport’s reputation as a “go to” arts destination.

Steering Committee

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Greater Newburyport Arts in Numbers

Dollars the average person spends in our community shopping and dining before and after arts events.
$3 Million
Economic impact of arts and culture in Newburyport alone.
Number of arts and cultural organizations in the greater Newburyport area.